#PeopleandParties: SEE our Top10 looks from today at #Glastonbury Festival in Somerset

by Rae Ogbu

Today at  the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, there was a pretty impressive line up. We are not talking about Lionel Richie’s performance that was epic! And The Dalai Lama on stage with US singer Patti Smith was just LEGENDARY!

However being that we love clothes and parties, the fashion line up and the fun exuding through the images uploaded on social media was indeed an entire show of its own- you could feel the vibe.

It’s fair to say at this point that as much as on the surface there seem to have been no dress code at this year’s festival underneath, there was a major fad streaming through.

We picked out top 10 favourites and you can see their handles in the pics -so follow them on instagram to see more partying pictures.


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